"Some good news! Had my cholesterol checked at the Pharmasave this am and it has gone from 7.4 to 5.2. HDL is 2.3 and LDL is 2.8. Ratio is 1.2. That is amazing! I took 2 Sterol 117 each day and I took bitters every day until the bottle was empty"....GB  Yarmouth

Allergic Immunological Reactions

STEROL 117™ has demonstrated that it has an effect on histamine release from human basophils and IL-6 levels and can substantially alleviate symptoms associated with airborne allergies.


Mechanism for Lowering Cholesterol

Plant sterols, particularly in concentrations as in STEROL 117™, reduce cholesterol absorption by competing with cholesterol for uptake into mixed micelles.


Inflammation and Oxidative Stress

Exogenol™ is a proprietary blend that contains higher than usual proanthocyanidin isomers for increased peroxyl radical scavenging. With chronic inflammation, free radicals can cause tissue destruction, contributing to cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, arthritic , kidney, amyloidosis, inflammatory bowel and other chronic diseases.


Prostate Disorders

Beta-sitosterol is now used effectively to treat BPH conditions including failure to urinate, residual, nocturnal or frequent urination, abdominal heaviness, and prostatitis, and has been shown to inhibit cancer cells in laboratory studies.

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