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Sterol 117

Sterol 117 ~ 60 capsules   

$60.00 plus tax in Canada


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SHIPPING for orders under $200.00 is $15.00 to $20.00 depending on your location in Canada

International Sales Welcome....please call the toll free number.

International SHIPPING is calculated by weight and country.

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There are many reasons to avoid purchasing product that appears to be sold at a ‘better’ price on  line. It has been discovered that many products are relabelled and are in effect expired product, or improperly stored product.   It is also possible that some tampering or damage may occur wherever  the  product is held or re-bottled. 
Many resellers do not have a customer service department that can support you in your purchase with additional information, and should you have a reaction with this potentially harmful product, there is no one to call.
If the purchase originates in the USA, there are often customs, duty and shipping fees to pay. Should a product be stopped at customs, it may be destroyed at a loss to you.  
As the information on our website illustrates, STEROL 117™ is manufactured and stored in approved facilities  under meticulous conditions with your health and safety in  mind.

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